Living As One In The Wilderness

Get Ready For Camping And Animals

If you like camping and panning, but are afraid of wild animals, what will you choose? Fear or enjoyment and experiences? A very difficult question, because you never know how a bear will react when it sees you.

The most common question we get from strangers is what to do if they see a bear? If you want to know and camp, you can visit If you are a visitor to Colorado, or have been here for many years, you need to learn how to avoid problems when you encounter bears. They are not naturally aggressive, and you need to learn that first. Most bears are wary of humans. Physical encounters are very rare between people and them.

When they find a food source and become too comfortable with people, they can damage your property or create conflict with people in camps or on trails. Find out what they like to eat the most, and if you are camping, avoid wearing it, so that the smell of food does not attract them. Store food and chemicals, as well as drinks in hermetically sealed luggage and put them in cupboards in the camp. The more protection you have so that the bear does not feel the food, because nothing will stop it from eating it. Keep the camp clean, and go to the garbage bags that can be doubled and put in locked cars to avoid conflict. Be sure to close car windows before falling asleep at night.

Do your best to stay safe from bear attacks in the woods when camping. If you are with children, be sure to explain to them what to do and what to do if they meet him.